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Cairo University Rövid összefoglaló The aim of the present study is to evaluate the wear characteristics and clinical performance of lithium silicate crowns in comparison to monolithic zirconia crowns.

The quality of the overall restorations as well as gingival tissues will be also evaluated according to modified United States Public Health Service USPHS criteria: Marginal adaptation, color match, anatomic form, integrity of restoration, secondary caries, retention, tooth sensitivity, gingival index and periodontal index at baseline, 6 months and 1 year Részletes leírás Recently advances in ceramics have greatly improved the mechanical and optical properties of restorative materials to overcome the drawbacks of all ceramic restorations over decades such as fracture, petefészekrák uptodate, crack, wear and delamination of veneer ceramics.

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Up to date despite the popularity of all ceramic restoration, the clinicians have been worried about the wear of petefészekrák uptodate enamel antagonist to ceramic materials. The wear properties of the ceramic restoration can affect the rate of wear of the antagonist enamel.

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So the wear resistance of ceramic restoration must be the same as enamel. Explanation for choice of the comparator: Monolithic zirconia attracts many dentists worldwide due to its excellent mechanical properties, biocompatibility and appreciate aesthetics. Some in vivo studies demonstrated the clinical success of monolithic zirconia restorations as an antagonist to natural enamel with good marginal adaptation, accepted contour, occlusion and minimum gingival response.

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Batson et al. They found that were no significant differences between the studied crown systems.

No difference of the gingival response among the different crown systems. Eighty percent of zirconia crowns needed no occlusal adjustment; also it showed the least amount of marginal discrepancy.

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Lohbauer et al. Mundhe et al.

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They found that the petefészekrák uptodate wear of the antagonistic enamel one year after the cementation of metal ceramic crowns ranged from Stober et al.

A lithium silicate glass ceramic obsidian ceramic is newly introduced to the market.

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After crystallization, it exhibits an ideal combination of esthetics and strength with translucency that mirrors the vitality of natural teeth for fabrication of full anatomic anterior and posterior crowns. Obsidian ceramic restorations are highly resistant to chipping unlike other ceramics, due to their monolithic composition and average flexural strength of MPa.

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Also Obsidian Milling Block owes its good wear resistance due to a very high content of ultrafine humán papillomavírus fehérjék crystalline structure. Átfogó állapot.