Kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium, FORGÓRÉSZ DINAMIKUS KIEGYENSÚLYOZÁSA II. Laboratóriumi gyakorlat a mérés leírása

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Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream, 50 ml Purifies, tones and rebalances oily and acne-prone skin. Hemp product of the year Winners of the Innovation Award.

kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium

Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream rebalances oily and combination skin to combat blemishes and breakouts. This botanically-based emulsion sends a signal to the skin to reduce oil production and guides it to a balanced state.

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With regular use, it refines the appearance of pores and restores calm to irritated skin. Ultra-clean formulation The ultra-clean formula, specifically developed for unbalanced, oily skin that needs the purest possible ingredients.

kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium

Free from artificial fragrances, alcohol, parabens and other skin irritants. One of a kind — based on hemp hydrolate Hemp hydrolate, a precious extract from the hemp plant, is the key ingredient in Hemptouch's Balancing Face Cream and is what makes this cream unique.

It improves microcirculation and leaves your complexion smooth and supple.

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Non-irritating formulation, suitable for atopic and sensitive skin. Ideal for acne-prone skin that has a tendency to become dehydrated, shiny and red. The non- comedogenic formula leaves a clear and radiant complexion.

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How to use After cleansing and toning, massage pumps on the face, neck and décolletage. Use daily in the mornings and evenings or whenever your skin needs a moisture top-up.


This lightweight hydrating moisturiser is quickly absorbed and provides long-lasting hydration. It is an ideal base for make-up.

kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium

Expect the first signs of balance in just a few days. Store in a cool, dark place.

FORGÓRÉSZ DINAMIKUS KIEGYENSÚLYOZÁSA II. Laboratóriumi gyakorlat a mérés leírása

Skin-friendly airless dispenser This sophisticated packaging system ensures that no air can get into the product, thus removing the need for preservatives and keeping the formulation irritant-free.

The airless bottle guarantees the product stays fresh. The content, kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium without being shaken, can be dispensed in equal amounts with every pump. The airless package also ensures every last bit of cream can be used.

Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream, 50 ml

How to use the airless packaging? To activate the dispenser, vigorously pump the nozzle a few times until the cream begins to flow.

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Sometimes more than 20 pumps are necessary in rare cases even 50 pumpsbut this only ensures the cream has never been opened and the content is completely fresh. Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream will provide long-lasting hydration to the most sensitive of skins without irritation.

If you have sensitive combination skin with very dry patches, we recommend Hemptouch Nurturing Face Cream for those dry areas.

kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium

Hemptouch Nurturing Face Cream can also be used for combination skin which has a tendency to become dry during winter months. In very rare cases it is possible you could experience a slight stinging feeling after applying the cream due to the active botanicals promoting microcirculation in your skin.

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If kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium have ever had a reaction to any of kiegyensúlyozó laboratórium ingredients in Hemptouch Balancing Face Cream, we recommend you hasi rák adhéziói a different product.