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Fairy Tale Mysteries 2: The Beanstalk (Full)

The staff were excellent, very friendly and helpful. The Covid precaution were very good.

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Neville Egyesült Királyság Ample car parking. Public areas well presented. The room was spacious and well appointed.

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Staff were efficient and very pleasant. The overall experience was very enjoyable.

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The continental breakfast was very acceptable with good choices and the service due to Covid 19 was also good. Peter Spa, food, service and facilities along with the location.

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Henry Good golf facilities and drinks and lunch on the terrace were delicious Sophie Egyesült Királyság Breakfast was very good, although there was a mix up one morning when my husband's food took over 30 mins to arrive I think it had been given to the wrong table.

The food both in the Brasserie and the Sports Bar was really good too and very well presented. The hotel was a little isolated, but that didn't bother us, we were vírusok 2 llare 300 pare it as a base.

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The facilities were fab and varied, but there were expected limitations due to Covid. Really nice facilities.

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Particularly recommend the spa, leisure centre and the scones for afternoon tea. Debra Staff were very helpful and facilities were superb.

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It seemed Covid secure too. Malcolm Egyesült Királyság All the staff were very friendly and would go over and above to make sure you got what you needed.

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The food was really lovely and the cleanliness of the hotel was also a high standard. Tracy Egyesült Királyság Outside space lovely. All communal areas lovelyvery clean and cosy.

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Can not fault the outside or indoor space. The spa staff in particular were excellent.

Szálloda Norwichban Set in over acres of landscaped gardens and green fields, 5 miles south of Norwich city centre, Park Farm has a bar, restaurant, leisure club and free parking. Driving up to the hotel, a long drive with great views, hotel looks stunning. The staff on the reception are just lovely, so friendly and very keen to help. A lovely lady called Taylor helped us with everything we asked of her and always with a smile, she is a credit to the company.

Friendly and calming despite the increased health measures of being Covid Safe. The waiting staff were excellent too as they seemed to really want to do a good job despite their gloved hands and visors. It must have been very hot but I felt safe as a diner.

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Facilities were lovely.